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Alyssa & Megan here!

We can’t wait to help you build your freedom-based coaching business of your dreams!

alyssa's story

Everything changed after my last baby. I knew that I wanted to be home and be a present mama but, I had no idea how to make that happen!

A little back story about me. I am a wife, mama of three children, and was busy building my career in healthcare... climbling the educational ladder and pursuing all of the certications,

I worked in the pediatric ICU and loved my job but, found it harder and harder having small children of my own at home to witness the trauma of my little patients daily.

At the same time the rotating shifts, and holidays, so many hours away from family. I knew that I had to make some changes in my life.

I was working 13 hours and coming home exhausted. My husband and family were suppose to be getting the best of me and instead they were getting the rest of me.

I started by just carving a little bit of time for myself daily. I knew that I felt better when I was taking care of me. I started with just 30 minutes in the morning and felt so good that I started to encourage other nurses on the unit to take part in healthy lifestyle routines with me.

One day I was on Facebook and saw a post about earning income from home helping to support others with their health and fitness. I really didnt know what it was all about but, attended a local live workout and loved the community!

I decided I could definely use some extra money and I love fitness so why not.

I dove in supporting and helping other women reach their goals and never looked back!


I run a multimillion dollar company helping women create healthy lifestyles as well as build freedom- businesses of their own! Not only that but, my dream of being a present mama that never has to miss a moment is my reality! You can lead a heart-led movement and be a present mother. Excited to show you how!

megan's story

In 2015 I was headed into my 2nd year as a teacher and wanted to put my best self forward towards my career and for my students so I dove into my fitness journey and...

I found something that helped me battle back against my hypothyroid, migraines and lethargic 25 year old self. I just wanted to look & feel "normal" again.

It changed my life at a caliber I never anticipated on that I felt compelled to become a health & fitness coach in hopes to help others who struggled the way I did. This coaching avenue turned out to be the stepping stone to me walking away from the classroom after reaching my financial goals.


I truly feel I am FULLY equipped to help you achieve your goals without overwhelm.

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Our Business Mentorship is designed for the Ambitious Coach who desires freedom, impact, and the space to bring her wildest creations into reality. We have created multiple 6 and 7 figure online businesses with our systems, spoke on stages, and coached thousands of women on how to create their digital empires over the last ten years.

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