The Collective Business Mentorship 



 Ready to Create True Freedom in your Life and Live out Your Untapped Potential?


A Personalized Business Mentorship Program for Ambitious Healthcare Professionals who want to create their own  online Signature Program for more Freedom and Fulfillment

Imagine in the next 12 months that you are running a wildly successful, in demand and profitable 6- figure brand...

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that you’re wildly capable of building the online coaching business of your dreams.


You enjoy the finer things in life and ready for more income and life changing impact in the world of health and wellness. You have a calling on your heart to make a real difference in the lives of others without missing out on precious time with your family or rushing off to the hospital, clinic, or practice. You want to make the money, create a movement, and have the time to enjoy it.

You are ready to expand, elevate, and level up in every aspect of your life and want a proven system and business mentors who are living the Freedom lifestyle, have built multi-million dollar wellness businesses, and excited to show you how to do it.

Freedom Collective Company, where we’re going elevate your income and impact in the coaching space and have fun while doing it

Where we understand the REALITY of building a big badass online business and want to be sure that scaling doesn't come at the cost of your sanity or values.

We are here to guide you through the journey, to show you how to build a heart driven mission of your dreams and the Freedom to enjoy it. We are excited to share with you not only our strategy to creating millions of dollars online with your own signature program but, energetic intentions that will change your life and have you creating with ease.

Your legacy is built one life impacted at a time and over the next year together you will build an empire of impact

With The Freedom Collective Company ®️ you have the beautiful experience to work alongside two business mentors who have combined 18 years experience and both built big online freedom-based coaching businesses.

 Megan who was a math teacher turned serial entrepreneur and owner of multiple six figure online empires brings the strategy and step-by-step approach.

While Alyssa, a 7 figure earning online business mentor, and creator of the Fit Nurse ®️ Brand has helped thousands of women create coaching businesses brings the energetic approach. Alyssa is a Master Prepared retired registered nurse and certified alchemist.  Her energy is vibrant, refreshing, and powerful in facilitating transformation.

You are going to walk away with powerful energetic and strategic business strategies and create a signature program you love

Together they share with you over $250,000 dollars personally invested into their own growth and business mentorship.

You will know what to do to increase momentum, create passive income, and build your online empire and community so it feels like a party yet is easy on your body and nervous system as a beautiful sunny morning.

First, here are a few key details about the Freedom Collective  Mentorship:


  • Wellness Experts, Coaches, Nurses, Practitioners, Healers, Therapists, and Service Providers who wants to create an online signature program to get her time back and do more of what she loves
  • Licensed Healthcare Professionals who want more freedom in their life and create a movement with her knowledge and expertise
  • Life Coaches, Wellness and Health Experts, Spiritual Entrepreneurs who want to develop and scale their signature course/ coaching program to multiple six figures and create the thriving empire of her dreams
  •  Health Professionals and Practitioners wanting to use their personal expertise and professional training to help clients transform physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally through and online course
  • The Ambitious Service Provider who is thinking serious about her 5-10 year vision and wants a business model that provide more freedom and fulfillment and family time
  • The Female Entrepreneur who values wellness and wants to learn not only a strategic approach to building her freedom-based empire but, a holistic program that allows her to travel the world, take time for self-care, and attract her dream clients on autopilot

This is a HIGH LEVEL 6 month group mentorship experience designed to create and scale your signature online program for passive income and more freedom and fulfillment.

This is THE program for you if you want your work to leave a legacy to the world, ready to elevate your brand, messaging, offers, and work in a way that is in alignment with YOU and your PURPOSE.

If you want to increase your income, attract dream clients, and do what you LOVE (not just what pays the bills), this is the place to be!

You crave Freedom, want to live a life that is fulfilled and want to design a business that doesn't sacrifice family time

Create a program that creates lasting change, Masterclasses, Workshops, Courses and build the coaching business of your dreams!



  • More Confidence in Yourself and Online Presence
  • A Proven Strategy for Selling Effectively
  • Create and Launch a Signature Course or Coaching Program that yields results
  • Tackle Self Doubt and Imposter Syndrome
  • Established Foundations to scale to Six figures and beyond
  • Create more Freedom, Abundance, and Cash Flow in your Business
  • Written for you Scripts, Templates & Content

  • Organic and Inorganic paid marketing strategies 

  • 6 months of phenomenal 1:1 and group coaching and energetic support

  • Community chat thread for riffs, behind the scenes, personalized feedback

  • 3 live 60-90 minute calls per month. Mostly focused on Hot seat coaching with potent feedback and powerful masterclasses to keep you moving and creating momentum towards your goals

  • M-F 9-5 Support with mindset, marketing, energetics, funnels, branding, sales, and more in your own private mentorship thread

  • Plus access to our Signature Program: The Freedom Course Creator Academy. 


We deliver a combination of strategy & energetics

We work on your mindset and beliefs in addition to your business structure & strategy to help you create and launch your signature program that allows you to make more money while enjoying your freedom


🔑 Crafting an Irresistible Offer to Scale your Online Business to 20-40k months
🔑 Course Creation
🔑 Creating a Binge Worthy Brand

🔑 CEO Energy and Leadership
🔑 Sales and Launch Strategies
🔑Recurring Revenue + Infusing Cash Injections
🔑 Magnetic Messaging and Email Marketing
🔑 Monetizing Digital Offers
🔑 Social Media Mastery
🔑 Automation, Friendly Funnels, and Program Evergreen
🔑 Customer Journey and Retention
🔑 Energetics in Business
🔑 How to Facilitate Masterclasses, Mini-minds, Masterminds and More...


 Get Excited to build a program that gives you the freedom you have been dreaming about! Then, we'll hit the ground running with a kick-off call so you know EXACTLY where to start and what to focus on to get EVERYTHING you want in business and life.

 From there, we will work together to build your business into a Freedom- Business Model. From overhauling your business model, to scaling your offers, to building an unshakeable mindset, to attracting endless dream clients, to mastering advanced sales + launching strategies, to upgrading your lifestyle so you can be a true CEO and enjoy the freedom and fulfillment we've gotchu 100% covered.



STEP ONE: Join the Collective for 6 months of mentorship

STEP TWO: we'll jump on a call to map out a strategic game plan + go over program details

STEP THREE: Get Immediate access to the Freedom Collective World and Dive into our Catalyst Group and 1:1 Mentorship Program PLUS a Vault of Business and Mindset Masterclasses.


Rolling Enrollment - Start today!


What's In Store

Freedom Collective Business Mentorship

✔️ ​ Bi- Weekly 60-90 Minute Small Group Laser Coaching Calls

NOTE:  you're not just another face in the crowd. Your calls with Alyssa your mindset & energetics coach, and Megan your operations coach will include personalized feedback, troubleshooting, celebrating wins, mindset resets, and plenty of time for hot seat coaching and Q&A's so that you are always moving the needle and able to implement with clarity immediately


✔️ ​ ​Weekly Personalized Feedback from 2 Experienced Business Mentors

Get in-depth feedback on your content, marketing, and sales assets so you can MASTER client attraction and empowered sales conversions in our private online group channel. 

✔️ ​  1x 60-90 minute Monthly Advanced Strategy Masterclasses and Workshops

Where we will focus on a specific topic to elevate your biz strategy + execution. Whether it's sales planning, instagram, live launching, content creation, copywriting, productivity, mindset, or something else... will will chat energetics with next-level strategies

*If the ideal workshop for that month is pre-recorded, we will have a co-working session to support you as you implement! 

✔️ ​ ​Special Guest Expert Trainings 

Giving you access to incredible industry leaders who spill their secrets just for the Freedom Collective Family. On must-have topics like finance, legal, mindset, systems, + more 

✔️ ​ Daily Group and Private Coaching Access Via our Private Coaching Hub

Contagious momentum meets world-class support ... all in your back pocket. Our Freedom Collective hub is your go-to place for daily questions, detailed feedback, and accountability. This is the best of mentorship AND community all in one.

✔️ ​  24/7 Access To Your High-Vibe Community

Of like-minded ambitious freedom loving entrepreneurs. This is your space to get endless encouragement, friendship, and opportunities for brainstorming together while in Freedom Collective Mentorship 




✔️ ​ ACCESS TO Freedom Course Creator Academy

Our signature program for setting up your coaching business on auto-pilot. We know that you value Freedom and our program is going to teach you how to turn your expertise into a program that runs on autopilot

✔️ ​ ACCESS TO Digital Profits Playbook and Instagram Cash Engine

Our best-selling Instagram marketing + profitable creation playbook with easy systems to help you create mini-offers on auto-pilot. 


Self-paced access to literally everything. We've created-- past workshops, guest expert sessions, endless templates, to- do lists, content prompts, and more

And most importantly, you'll be surrounded by women who truly GET IT.

Women who will be there to share ideas, give honest feedback, listen as you vent, support you when you cry, and celebrate the heck out of you as you win!


Join today to get the edge you need to claim your space as the freedom craving ambitious leader you are:

Learn all of the components of building a wildly successful online coaching program. We will help you create, build, and launch your own online signature program in less than 6 months. Whether it is your own online course or hybrid coaching program we have you covered.

InFact, Most of our students launch their programs in 90 days. Plus we are so confident in our mentorship we guarantee you results or we will continue to work with you. Apply via the link below and book your discovery call today!